What People Say about Isabella May!

“The Cocktail Bar could easily be the lovechild of Marian Keyes and Paulo Coelho after one too many Tequilas in Somerset.”
N.J. Simmonds, author

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“Her quirky writing style is a joy and my appetite is already whetted in anticipation of her next scrumptious offering.”
Amazon customer

“Isabella May is a wonderful new find for me.”
Bookworms Corner Blog Spot

“I can’t recommend this book enough, I read it over a weekend while I was poorly and wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. It was the perfect remedy and whisked me away from reality to a gorgeous fictional world. It also reminded me of how much I love the magic of Glastonbury.”
Wrong Side of Forty Book Blog

-Isabella May has superbly brought the trials of a modern woman intoa witty, fluid novel - a must read forany person searching to experiencelife through a character who is notafraid to live.-.png

“I loved the clever depictions of cake used as references to people ‘I thought he was a Black Forest Gateaux but he was marble cake through and through.”
Amazon customer


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“Isabella’s writing is fabulous.”
Katie’s Book Cave