Law of Attraction and Spirituality

I’m a BIG fan of Law of Attraction. In fact, the very reason I became a published author in 2017 was through consistent ‘conscious creating’ and ‘acting as if’. Our thoughts (or more accurately, the vibration we put out there) really do manifest into our reality.

I’ve met some amazing people through this interest which is definitely growing in popularity and below you will find a treasure trove of places to get inspired… *if you are ready*… some of this is pretty leading edge!

-Jeannette Maw’s GOOD VIBE BLOG

This is a fantastic website packed choc-full of resources on LOA, positivity and manifesting magic. You will spend hours here!

-The Teachings of Abraham Hicks

Prepare to have your mind blown as to the real way reality works…

-The Teachings of Joshua

Joshua is a non-physical group channeled by my friend, the author Gary Temple-Bodley. When it comes to leading edge Law of Attraction, they have all the answers! Sounds just about as ‘woo-woo’ as it gets… but if you are just a little bit open-minded, it’s well worth sating your curiosity. Gary has written a number of amazing books on the subject of health, wealth, love and emotions and they are changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world for the better every day.

-Joyful Life Mastery


Another friend of mine, Astrid C Halvorsen, channels a spiritual group called Laurel. Actually, we all have access to these spiritual guides (although I prefer to learn through others doing the channeling!). Her first book, co-written with Laurel, was published in 2017, and although Astrid doesn’t have a website just yet, her book is one of the most advanced when it comes to understanding why we are here… and what this journey through life on planet Earth is all about. Prepare to really have your mind blown in a good way!) with this one.


Here’s the Amazon link: