Meet The Author: Kiltie Jackson

We Talk Rock n Roll, Salzburg, Apple Strudel and More!

Welcome Kiltie! It’s lovely to have you here on my blog today. Take a seat and a slice of cake and we’ll get started with the questions.

What inspired you to write your book, ‘A Rock n Roll Love Style’?
I first began writing A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle over ten years ago. I got to the end
of chapter seventeen and decided that it wasn’t coming out of my fingers as I
was seeing it in my head. When I read it back, it felt stilted and forced. So it was
shelved until January 2017 when I blew the cobwebs off and tried again. This makes
it very difficult for me to remember how it was conceived. It may have been a
dream – I have a few future book plots which have been born this way – it may
have been a song or a book or a celebrity story that just so happened to be on the
news at the time.  Possibly, it was a combination of all these things.
What made you decide to self-publish?
The decision to self-publish was not taken lightly. My priority was always to
get the story written but the thought was stuck in the back of my mind on what
to do next. When I read Christie Barlow’s story of how she realised her ambition
to become an author, and that she had self-published her first novel, it gave me
hope that there was an alternative to relying on another person making a decision
on my life. I could control the path my future would take. In our lives, other
people make the big decisions on our behalf – do we meet their requirements
to be given a driving license, a job, or a mortgage? Sometimes the ‘yes’ or ‘no’
answer can depend on the mood that ‘other person’ is in that day.
So I decided that the only person involved in this choice would be me!Also, I’m not getting any younger; I don’t have the time to wait for the right person to
be in the right mood to finally decide they like what I write. When one considers how
many rejections J K Rowling had before she got her publishing deal,  one can’t help but wonder how many people are kicking themselves over the
opportunity they missed because the wrong person read her manuscript.
Living in the age of digital technology, authors now have more options and
choice in how their careers unfurl.
Your novel is set in Salzburg. Is this a city you know well?
I chose Salzburg as the primary setting because I love this city and I can’t recall 
ever reading a book which is set there. I have visited this stunning location several
times and I believe this knowledge helped me to describe it with both love and realism.
I once read that when an author chooses their location for a book, they need to
ensure it is a place they can live with, in their head, for at least six months.
Salzburg was in mine for ten years and I was still very sad to say goodbye to it
when A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle was completed.
The book also features Christmas markets. What’s your favourite thing about them?
I love the unusual trinkets they sell. In recent years, German Christmas Markets are springing up in most towns as the festive season approaches but, when A Rock ‘n Roll Lovestyle was first conceived, they were still more of a rarity. My two most prized purchases are my Nutcracker men, both of which travelled all the from Salzburg. The Nutty Boys stand guard above my writing desk and watch over me as I work.
Are you a Rock Chick in real life?
Oh yes! Very much so although I like to think I have an extensive musical collection covering many genres. My musical play lists will often see Alice Cooper rubbing up against Abba, Madness getting down with Meat Loaf or Robbie Williams rocking along with Royal Blood.
Favourite cake?
Well… I’ve yet to meet a cake I didn’t like but, if I’m having to choose just one, then it would be Apple Strudel. If that falls into the ‘Pudding’ category, second choice would be a Custard Tart.
What’s the loveliest thing a reader has said about your writing?
One of my ARC’s informed me that she couldn’t put her manuscript down, to the point where she “had the hair straighteners in one hand and the other hand was turning the pages of the ‘script” as she was getting dressed to go to work. I took this to be a compliment.
And the not-so-loveliest?
At the time of writing, not many people have read my novel and, thus far, all feedback has been extremely good. I have friends who would not be slow in telling me if it was rubbish.
Favourite place to holiday (apart from Salzburg!)
Haha! Now you’ve got me! My husband and I both love Venice very much and I would be very happy to visit the city again although there is a lot more of Italy that I wish to see so I’ll expand and say ‘Italy’.
If you could choose three authors to invite over for a dinner party (and these have to be authors you haven’t yet met!), who would that trio comprise of?
First up, and with no hesitation what-so-ever, would be Stephen Fry. I think this man is utterly wonderful – charming, intelligent and very articulate. He would be the life and soul of the evening.
Next would be Deric Longden, an incredibly warm and humorous man who is sadly no longer with us. I first read his book ‘The Cat Who Came in From the Cold’ many years ago and swept through it in one sitting. His writing is mostly the observations of his life and they are so funny. I have recommended his work to many people and no one has ever come back with negative feedback. I always ensure that I read one of his books every year just to get a good dose of laughter.
Lastly, it would have to be the wonderful Jill Mansell. In my opinion, one of the best contemporary romance authors I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I have thoroughly enjoyed every book she has written and I cannot say that about any other author in this genre – there is usually one written offering that doesn’t quite hit the spot. Jill, however, comes up with the goods every time and she would be a fabulous addition to my dinner table.
Head Shot Piccie
We’d love to know what you are working on next… can you spill a few beans?
Yes, I do. I have already started book number two and it will be called ‘Of All the Unlikely Places’.

The main characters are Danny Delaney, a thirty-nine year old IT Manager who works in London and the leading lady is Elsa Clairmont, who had a supporting role in ‘A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle’. In ‘Places’ she gets to tell her own story.

Without giving too much of the plot away, I can say that both Danny and Elsa die,
in unrelated incidents, within the first four chapters!

Book Blurb
A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle is a modern day love story which travels from Austria to 
London to Italy, as the main characters, Sukie McClaren and Pete Wallace, develop 
an unexpected, and unlikely, friendship. He is a world-renowned rock-star who is 
the darling of the paparazzi – regardless of how much he detests the publicity – and 
she is an office supervisor who can’t even bear to have her photograph taken for 
the office newsletter. Having been used badly in the past, by ladder-climbing, celebrity-seeking wannabes, 
Pete no longer trusts anyone and is finding life lonely at the top. Through Sukie, he 
begins to learn that not everyone wants something from him and that there are people 
who will go out of their way to make life better for others. Sukie’s lesson is to learn 
that true love means making sacrifices and that love can only be perfect when 
people are prepared to compromise.As Sukie and Pete prepare to spend a family Christmas together in Austria, they are 
unaware that, in Verona, Italy, Eduardo Di Santo is carefully planning his revenge 
against Pete as payback for the life-changing accident his kid sister had at a 
Pete Wallace concert three years prior. 

When Pete announces his new world-tour, which includes a gig in Verona, 
Eduardo knows this is what he has been waiting for. 
He begins to make his plans – 
plans in which Pete’s death is the only acceptable outcome. A secondary sub-plot involves Pete’s manager and long-standing family 
friend, Jordie Ray, and Sukie’s mum, Beth McClaren. 
They are two older people who have come to accept that the days of 
love and affection are behind them. Despite a very rocky beginning, they find they are developing romantic feelings for each other – something neither of them 
had ever anticipated experiencing again. Their own love story develops in-between the 
drama unfolding with Sukie and Pete.
 A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson can be purchased online 

from Amazon.

Author Bio
Kiltie grew up in Scotland, Glasgow to be precise.
A very unique city with a very unique way of looking at life.
When she was old enough to do so, she moved to London and then,
after several years of obtaining interesting experiences -which are
finding their way into her writing – she moved up to the Midlands.She currently lives in Staffordshire with five cats and one husband.
The cats kindly allow her and her husband to share their house on the
condition they keeps paying the mortgage!
Her little home is known as Moggy Towers, even though despite having
plenty of moggies, there are no towers!She loves reading, watching movies, and visiting old castles.
She really dislikes going to the gym!

Her biggest desire is that one day she can give up the day job
and write her stories for a living.

Kiltie first began writing ‘A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle’ over ten
years ago. The project was shelved on Chapter Seventeen as she felt the story
wasn’t flowing as she would like it to.
In her own words “The images in my head would not come out of my fingers!”Fast forward to November 2016 when, having finished reading
Lizzie’s Christmas Escape by Christie Barlow,
she read more about the author and was inspired with how Christie herself
came to be a best-selling author.In that thunderbolt moment, Kiltie knew – with a deep certainty – that she needed to reacquaint herself with ‘A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle’ and begin writing again.
She did this in January 2017 and found the words flowed faster than she
could type them. Finally, the time was right for her to write her novel.

Her determination to finish what she had started all those years ago was
absolute and the first draft was completed on Sunday 16th April 2017.

Since beginning to write again, the ideas have not stopped flowing.
She has begun typing up her second book, ‘Of All the Unlikely Places’,
and book three (not yet titled) has been worked out and is waiting
in the wings for its turn in the spotlight.
She currently has a further ten plots and ideas stored in her file (it’s costing a
fortune in USB drives as each story has its own memory stick!) and
the ideas still keep on coming.

She now lives her life around the following three quotes:
“I love having weird dreams, they’re great fodder for book plots!”
“Why wait for your ship to come in when you can swim out to meet it?”
“Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!”

You can read more about Kiltie Jackson on her website, 
follow her Facebook page or email on

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