Meet The Author: Rose McClelland

We Talk About Her Latest Novel, intriguingly titled, “The Year of No Rules”…


Author:            Rose McClelland

Novel:              “The Year of No Rules”

Release date:      17 October 2017

Hi Rose! Please tell us all about your latest release “The Year of No Rules”
Sasha has fallen head over heels in love with Kirk. But there’s one problem – he’s given her a list of rules to sign. Because she’s so smitten, she actually agrees to sign it and abide by them until everything goes horribly wrong.

What inspired you to write it?
I had actually heard of a real-life example where a guy gave his girlfriend a list of rules to sign. I was fascinated by the idea and wondered what the outcome would be and how it would affect their relationship. I also wanted to look at what would happen if she didn’t adhere to the rules and how he’d react!

Speaking of rules, can you think of any funny incidents where you broke the rules?As a child, there were many funny incidents that occurred with my six siblings. One rule we ignored landed us in a lot of trouble. Staying at our granny’s, she told us to ‘only walk around the block and be back in ten minutes’. We took a wrong turning and walked for hours! The Police had to come looking for us. Seven young children traipsing along country roads. We must have looked like the Von Trapp family!

Author pic (1)

Can you give us any clues as to what you’re working on next?
I’m really enjoying writing book 4 at the moment. It’s set in rehab and there are four central characters who are chaotic, dramatic and very entertaining! I’m looking at the love interest that develops between them and the scrapes that they get themselves into.

You’re a real “crazy cat lady” (your words!). I wonder why so many writers own a cat?
I know! It’s seems to be one of the tools of the trade! It’s so relaxing to have a cat curled up in the corner when I’m writing away. He’s also very therapeutic if I need some time out and I can just listen to him purring!

Chocolate or crisps?
Chocolate, definitely! I love those chocolate Freddos and I eat at least two a day! They’re only 4 syns on Slimming World though, so it’s allowed!

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?Remember that the journey is more important than the destination. Try to set aside overwhelming fears of how long it might take to get published. Instead, try to think about what you could do today. Could you enjoy sitting down for an hour and writing some ideas? Then do that. Don’t look too far ahead. Just enjoy the journey today.

About Rose McClelland:
Rose writes women’s fiction with a splash of romance and comedy. She writes about dating and relationships in a humorous fashion, placing plenty of twists and turns along the way. Perfect for fans of Marian Keyes or Sophie Kinsella.

Rose lives in Belfast but divides her time between the sofa and bubble bath. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. It’s a bit of an addiction actually. That, and the chocolate Freddos. She can often be found on Facebook posting photos and stories about her cat, her cooking or book reviews.

She has written a few short plays and finds it a buzz to see actors performing her words on stage.

Please follow her on Facebook or Twitter – she’d love to hear from you!



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