Meet The Author: Carrie-Ann Schless

We Talk about “Another Woman’s Man”, the fine Art of getting ‘Non-Readers’ to read, and Chocolate Gâteau!

Today I am joined by friend and fellow Crooked Cat author, Carrie-Ann Schless. Sit on a beanbag under the Christmas tree, Carrie-Ann, and make sure you help yourself to a Baileys and a slice of Stollen, so you can tell us all about your debut novel; “Another Woman’s Man”…
-I am intrigued by your book’s title – as I am sure many readers will be! Can you tell us more about “Another Woman’s Man”? What inspired you to write it? Dare I ask, are there any parts that are semi-biographical?
es, a lot of people comment on the title. I originally wanted to call it The Other Woman as it focuses more on Casey than any of the men in the story but I like the reaction Another Woman’s Man gets. I find it crazy how many men I hear about who are messaging my friends behind their girlfriends’ backs. I got thinking about how easy it is to say things behind the keyboard that you wouldn’t be brave enough to admit in person. That is where the idea came from. Is it biographical? Ha ha, well I’m sorry to say that no, the big story is not true to life but some small parts in it are close. You’ll have to guess which bits.
-What’s the biggest thing you would like readers to take from your novel?
I want to get people reading who claim they don’t have time. I have stuck to short chapters for busy people. I just want everybody to get a chance to read, and of course I hope they enjoy it.
-This is your debut published novel, but is it your first novel? Do you have unpublished pieces that you started on before “Another Woman’s Man?”
I think I’ve started at least ten pieces before this one, but the only one that went anywhere was a children’s book called Oscar’s Outing. It’s about a little puppy that gets told by the neighbours’ cat that he should run away. My eldest daughter keeps asking me when I’m going to finish it, as she was my tester. Who knows, maybe one day.
-Favourite cake (excuse me, I always throw this question in!)
That is a hard question. I love cake, but picking a favourite. I love a chocolate gateau, but also anything with cream is a go for me. I may have to taste test a few more before I can pick a favourite.
-What is the biggest lesson you have learned since being signed up by a publisher, and has it changed you as a person at all?
That marketing a book in the right way is hard! I would have thought that I’d done the hard work already but turns out that writing is the easy part. I am a much busier person now and although I’ve always loved Facebook, I’m not pretty much addicted to all social media’s.
-Who were your favourite childhood authors?
When I was in year six I got into a series of books called the Café Club by Ann Bryant. It covered a group of six girls (each with their own book) who worked in the main character’s aunt’s café. I loved them, and got all my friends to read them.
-When you get a little free time now, which genres can we find you burying your head in?
I like to read a wide selection of genres. I like to mix it up between books by reading different things. A gushy romance one day then onto a thriller. Freya North to James Patterson!
-Plotter or pantser?
I like to say I’m a plotter, but I must admit I’m a pantser through and through. I find I know how it’s going to start, and how I want it to end, but the bit in the middle I have no idea about. I write what comes to me and it’s not always in the right order. I leave massive gaps and then go back later and work out how that happened. It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw.
-Favourite quote from your book?
“I can’t tell you exactly when it happened, but something broke in us. That perfect couple we had been, had disappeared.”  It’s not my absolute favourite, but that one would give too much away.
-Favourite character from your book?
I really love Casey and Kat – the main character and her best friend, but my absolute favourite has to be Nanny Edna. She seems like someone I’d like to know.
What can we expect to see from you next?

I have a new book due out next year called The Six-Month Rule. A woman who finally kicks her cheating husband out and goes travelling with their savings. I am really excited to get that one out! There are a couple of others in the workings too.


Book Blurb for “Another Woman’s Man”:
What if you’re in love with another woman’s man?

Casey Turner finds herself sad and single again after a seven-year relationship. Having suffered multiple miscarriages, she is adjusting to the realisation she will never be a mum, just as all her friends are all getting married and having children.

Feeling alone, she finds herself drawn to a man she can’t have: her ex’s best friend. Although he has a girlfriend, she can’t stay away. But does he really care for her, too, or is he just having his cake and eating it?

Torn between her feelings and her morals, is Casey destined to follow the wrong path, or will she see sense before time runs out?

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Author Bio:
Carrie-Ann has had a passion for writing from a young age and is forever writing down little snippets and ideas. After having a few poems published during and since her school years, Another Woman’s Man has become Carrie-Ann’s debut Novel.

Carrie-Ann spends most of her time with her three children, cats and dog including afternoons at the park and walks and picnics in the nearby woods. as well as juggling school runs, work, her love of amateur dramatics and a social life and has still found time to start on book two. She is extremely excited to be joining the team at Crooked Cat.

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