The Cake Fairies… are coming!

They’re Like The Book Fairies… but they drop CAKE:

It’s been a ridiculous half a year since I have posted on my blog. A fact that’s as upsetting as the texture of stem ginger, but in my defense, life’s been pretty busy and as complex as any layer cake!

fr (2)

Earlier this year I began working with a local wedding planner to write a weekly article for their website – loads of fun but ultimately it meant updating readers on all my bookish news… and the M word (Marketing) took a giant backseat.

Then my husband got a brand new job in Portugal, meaning lots of solo parenting most days of the week.

Then we moved house and the kids started new schools.

Then came the 6.20am starts. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Then the youngest picked up golf (again) and started playing cricket in Gibraltar. Yep, I drive him to a whole different country across an airport runway border for that! On top of the eldest and her weekly dance commitments, as you can probably guess, the novel writing inadvertently took an equally giant backseat.

And then, thank the Lord, along came the Sagittarius moon and a heavy dose of much needed perspective: something had to give. Much as I enjoyed the fun and frolics of the wedding industry, with just 4 core working hours per weekday, I’d be lucky to get one new book out a year, never mind my usual 2.

I think that’s when I took stock and realised that I can only run a tight ship at home if I am happy. Spinning plates is only fun when they’re loaded with cake, after all…

A World without CAKEis like a World without AIR...

So getting back on track and without further ado, this is just a short and sweet reminder that my brand new romcom, The Cake Fairies (my romcom with a timeslip), is available to pre-order NOW on Kindle, and, if you’d prefer to curl up in a Christmas snowball with a paperback, then you can order yours from Amazon and be doing so within days!

Happy reading and CLICK HERE for the buying link that will take you straight to the Amazon page for your country so you can either treat yourself or a loved one this festive season.

TCF Meme 1

Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2020!

Isabella xx

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