Bubblegum and Blazers: Book 7 in the Foodie Romance Journeys

Would You go back to School after 21 Summers…?

I’m excited to tell you that my brand new novel, Bubblegum and Blazers is now up for pre-order. I had so much fun writing this story during lockdown and I hope that it offers bookworms the same level of escapism as it gave me imagining and putting it together 🙂

What’s it all about? Well, here’s the blurb:

When Ali, Blake, Charlotte, and Grant sign contracts to star in a Back to School reality TV show, LOVE is the very last thing on their minds:

Ali flies to the UK from New Zealand, intrigued by the golden opportunity to advance her amateur social media influencer career.

Blake carpe diems the moment with both hands after a constant flurry of bad luck.

Charlotte jumps at the chance to relive her sporting glories of the past – and take a hiatus from her humdrum marriage.

And Grant is just relieved to get away from his failing second-hand music shop.

But once the advances hit their bank accounts, it soon becomes apparent that producer Jock’s Pied Piper-style offer to change their lives is distinctly lacking in sherbet fizz!

In fact, the only sweet thing about this gig for the former students and the rest of their Bubblegum and Blazers competitors, may just be the packet of candy in their pockets.

Re-enacting their past is a rollercoaster of revelations, retaliation, and unlikely romance in a gold-fish bowl of mayhem where Raphael (Agony Uncle of the school sweet shop) and his rhubarb and custards reign supreme…

I can’t wait to see what you think: roll on 1st July 2021!

To pre-order your Kindle copy for the unbeatable price of just 99p/c, click on the button below to go to your country’s Amazon page. I’ll be sharing the link for the paperback edition closer to pub date.

Wishing you all a sweet weekend 😉

Isabella xx

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