Same Books, New Look!

After much tweaking (and more image changes than Madonna) I am pleased to reveal Foodie Romance Journey books 1-10 in all their upgraded rom-com gorgeousness… And if you aren’t a subscriber to my newsletter and haven’t yet seen a sneak peek of Spin the Bottle, my May 2023 release, you can catch a wee glimpse of that too in my new series image banner 😉

It’s been a while since I have updated my website and posted a blog! Every year when its domain is up for renewal, I vow I will get better at keeping on top of it, alas, writing and social media marketing sucks up most of my part-time working hours, and once again I end up very naughtily letting things slide… But anyway, as you can see, I have been pretty busy and the good news is there are lots more Foodie Romance Journey books to come – including a spin-off series featuring some of the characters from ‘Pavlova’ at some point in the not too distant future. My new – and regimented – schedule will be a mid-May and mid-September publication for the FRJ books, and the list of titles waiting to see their foodie themes in print is longer than a giraffe’s neck. I would say spaghetti, but seriously, it is that long!

If you haven’t yet caught up with my characters’ antics (my books are standalone, as well as being a series), then why not treat yourself to some escapist romance and curl up with a custard tart or a big fat piece of layer cake with one or both of my latest tasty offerings, The Custard Tart Cafe by the Sea and The Wedding Cake? Links and blurbs below:

Spin the Bottle deets coming at you in the New Year, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’d best get on with writing it!

Isabella XX

One summer. Two frustratingly stubborn perfectionists… and a forced proximity plot twist.

has opened a custard tart cafe at a popular English beach. Her unique and magical spin on the Portuguese pastel de nata has customers queuing outside the door to taste her bestsellers.

TIAGO’S grandparents are purveyors of The Real Deal: authentic custard tarts made in Portugal, where his family have been lovingly baking them for centuries. When he moves to England for a new job and chances upon Willow’s ‘wondrous wares’, he is out for war.

At least that’s his intention. But when serendipity brings Willow and Tiago back together at the departures desk in Bristol airport – destination Faro – outrage isn’t the only spark that flies…

A steamy enemies-to-lovers romance. But will there be a sweet happy-ever-after?

Amazon link to buy The Custard Tart Cafe by the Sea

FREYA ASHCROFT, owner and culinary whizz at Marbella’s five star bakery (and general queen of dating disasters), is going to need a miracle to save this date. If only that was her sole dilemma. She’s also fallen head over heels in love with super hot fitness instructor, TIM NUTKINS… and his rippling abs.

Which would be fine, if he wasn’t one of her aforementioned male clients.

A forced proximity rollercoaster of a forbidden love romance with a sweet happy-ever-after.

Amazon link to buy The Wedding Cake

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