Meet The Author: Rose McClelland

We Talk About Her Latest Novel, intriguingly titled, “The Year of No Rules”…   Author:            Rose McClelland Novel:              “The Year of No Rules” Release date:      17 October 2017 Hi Rose! Please tell us all about your latest release “The Year of No Rules” Sasha has fallen head over heels in love with Kirk. But… Continue reading Meet The Author: Rose McClelland

Meet The Author: Kiltie Jackson

We Talk Rock n Roll, Salzburg, Apple Strudel and More! Welcome Kiltie! It’s lovely to have you here on my blog today. Take a seat and a slice of cake and we’ll get started with the questions. What inspired you to write your book, ‘A Rock n Roll Love Style’? I first began writing A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle over ten years ago. I got to the end of chapter seventeen and decided that it wasn’t coming out of my fingers as I was seeing it in my head. When I read it back, it felt stilted and forced. So it was shelved until January 2017 when I blew the cobwebs off and tried again. This makes it very difficult for me to remember how it was conceived. It may have been a… Continue reading Meet The Author: Kiltie Jackson